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Our staff & coaches are among the most experienced and respected in the area, their experience sets them apart. They truly have a passion for basketball and invest in each player to reach their full potential. 

Michelle Ojielo


Director of Operations


Darryl Porter


ABC Young Lions Coach, Mentor, and Player Development Specialist – specializing in “bigs”

Video - Coach Porter


“When a gifted team dedicates itself to unselfish trust and combines instinct with boldness and effort–it is ready to climb“ 
-Pat Riley


Matt - Parent

My son was involved with a great suburban program which we loved, but as a parent, I felt my son was not getting the complete basketball education. The coaches in the suburban program were parent volunteers that relied heavily on plays and an offense. My son had the opportunity to do a couple of sessions with Coach Bennett and later with Coach Porter, and I could not believe the difference it made in making my son a better player. He learned more in those sessions than he did in any other program. My son was taught a variety of “first moves” that he was able to use successfully in games to get the defender off balance. Learning these new techniques gave my son a high degree of confidence when he was on the court. We were hooked. My son does not want to play anywhere else.

Rod Johnson - Parent

I started having my sons Kobe and Jalen work out with Coach Porter in 6th and 7th grade. They worked out with him for two years. What I liked about his workouts was that he would explain to them game situations they would use the various moves he was showing them. Parents raved in how hard the kids were pushed and how great the workouts were. Coach Porter is one of the best trainers, not only in the State of Wisconsin but in the entire Midwest. He is really committed to teaching the kids and it shows!

Son Kobe – D1 scholarship USC

 Son Jalen – Drafted to the NBA,

D1 scholarship to Duke University

Brock Heffner - Player

I definitely would not be the player I am today if it was not for Coach Porter. He took from being strictly a post player with limited ball handling skills to being an effective starter at multiple positions on the floor. Not only has my overall ball handling vastly improved, but my basketball IQ and understanding of the game has advanced tremendously. This has made me into a multi-threat player from anywhere on the floor. Thank you Coach for always being there and pushing me everyday!


D1 scholarship Hawaii 


Jay Hinson Sr. - Parent

My son has been working with Coach Porter for the past 7 years in several capacities. My son has participated in skills training and Coach Porter has coached his AAU team for the past 4 years. Coach Porter has aided in my son’s personal basketball development during the time they have worked together. His basketball knowledge and training skills are second to none. He is able to connect with his players in a way that allows them to trust in him, one another and ultimately themselves. Coach Porter is at all times respectful and utilizes positive motivation to get the best out of the players. He works to help each player rise to the best of their abilities. His guidance continues to be impressive as he works to help these players achieve their athletic goals. Coach Porter is more than a coach, as he shares information to not only teach his players to be successful on the court but also in life.

Kalyn Sias-Chaney - Player

I am a guard, small in stature but big at heart. Quick on my feet, I handle the ball very well, attack the paint, and am very aggressive on defense. The six years of countless hours in the gym with Coach Porter is the reason for that. Those sessions strengthened my confidence, refined my ball handling skills, and amplified my tenacious fearlessness to attack the paint – regardless of my height. Coach Porter pushed me to the limit every training session. He believed in my abilities and because of his passion and relentless dedication on the court, helped me to fulfill my dream. Coach Porter instilled the ideas that self discipline + hard work = Athletic Scholarship. Thank you Coach Porter for your guidance.

Scholarship Athlete at University of St. Francis

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