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ABC is here to help with the recruiting process and finding players a place to continue their athletic careers has been a strength of ours.  Each year we have several players go on to play college basketball at various levels.  We understand that the college recruiting process can be stressful but with the program recruiting assistance each player will have access too and unfortunately every player can’t play college but we will still try our best to get a placement.  We  provide recruiting seminars to assist players with the do’s and don’t and the realities of recruiting led by our lead Recruiting director Ramon Davis who the makes the extra mile look like baby steps in how hard he works for player.


All players have access to social media posts for exposure.


Film editing services to make highlight video ($?)


FieldLevel recruiting profile


Invitation to yearly recruiting seminar


ABC College showcase game ($?)



On the drop down menu we put college players and there we keep put the past players and every year add the new one

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