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Coach Porter 414-213-7843
Coach Bennett 414-416-0377
Michelle 773-517-2541
Coach Halbrooks 414-339-2766

Team Fees

What Team Fees Cover 

  • Tournaments (7 or 8) for 14u & High School - 10u, 11u, 12u, 13u (Tournaments 6)

  • Gym fees for Practice 

  • Coaches stipend

  • Administrative fees  

**Fees do not include: Travel Expenses (e.g., bus, hotel, food, etc.)**

**Fees are non-refundable** 

Fees will be communicated to you depending on the team you are on. 

A deposit is due 1 week after receiving the letter.
We ask if you are capable of paying in full immediately please do so.

Full payment is due within 30 days after the deposit is paid. If this is not possible a meeting must be scheduled with Coach Bennett or Coach Porter for proper payment arrangements to be made.

Fee Delinquency

Players will not be allowed to play in tournaments nor attend practice if they are not current with team fees. If a player does not get to play in a tournament because of a team fee delinquency, the player is still required to pay the original amount of the team fee. Credit will not be issued for any missed tournaments. If the team as a whole is delinquent with team fees, this could result in tournaments being removed from the schedule or that team’s season-ending early. For questions about delinquent fees contact Coach Bennett.


Uniforms and Shooting Shirt are separate and mandatory purchases. You may also purchase a package with a backpack.

Or the complete package which includes uniform, shooting shirt, backpack, and travel suit may be available as well. 

Uniforms take approximately 2-4 weeks so new orders will be placed on the 1st and 15th of each month. Money must be received specifically for uniform, and shooting shirts for an order to be placed. A reminder that deposit/team fee is a separate cost from the uniform fee.

For questions on uniforms contact Coach Halbrooks

Season Start and End

The season for 10u, 11u, 12u, 13u will start approximately mid to late March and will end early July with practice likely to begin 2 weeks from the first tournament. The season for 14u and High School teams will start approximately mid to late March and will end in late July, maybe early August with practice likely to begin 2 weeks from the first tournament. (Regional High School teams will end early July as well)


Parents are expected to provide players with transportation to and from practice, as well as, to all of the tournaments. Parents are also expected to attend out-of-town overnight tournaments to supervise their child unless another parent or adult is willing to assume responsibility. High school teams excluding Regional teams typically travel out of state 2-4 times. Our common destinations are Indiana, Minnesota, Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky. We have been very fortunate as a club to have very helpful families so carpooling if needed can be arranged amongst participating families.


Practice will be held twice a week for most weeks. Unfortunately, there are times when this will not happen due to gym availability. This holds especially true in the beginning of the season when the weather is not favorable for high school spring sports to practice outdoors. Players are expected to be at all practices. It is at practice when teams learn plays, build chemistry and develop their basketball IQ. The whole team suffers when players do not attend every practice, therefore, playing time and starting positions will be impacted for

players who do not consistently attend practices. As of right now, practice locations will be Homestead, with West Allis Central, and Mt Calvary in Waukesha being other locations we have access to.


Schedules will be released as soon as completed. We will keep you updated on a tentative schedule and as Tournament directors release the dates and locations of their tournaments we complete our tournament list. Our goal is to have a completed tournament schedule by February 1st as mentioned if it is completed before then it will be released to that team. Also please note that sometimes cancelations and rescheduling happens and they are out of our control. We understand that no one likes things to change at the last minute but we want you to be mindful that sometimes it does and will do our best to notify as promptly as possible.


TeamSnap is the tool we use to maintain our schedules and to communicate with players and their families. Please complete your child’s profile in full, including player address, birthdate, phone number, etc. If you do not have a jersey number, please do not put one in TeamSnap. We try to keep unique numbers by grade so you will not know what numbers are available. Also, please make sure your mobile phone number is accurate in TeamSnap in order to receive text messages.

Parents, along with any family member that you would like to have access to the schedule, practice and game locations, should be added to TeamSnap by using the roster button and adding a family member.

Every player will need to keep their availability current for all practices and tournaments by using the availability button. We do not want to register for a tournament when we will not have enough players, so please update the availability for each tournament as soon as the schedule is put in TeamSnap.

It is highly recommended that you download the application to your phone so you can get notifications of any last-minute changes to the schedule. Also, it is essential that you do not rely on email messages for updates to the schedule. You must check the schedule using either the TeamSnap application or website to get the most accurate information. You will get a lot of emails from TeamSnap because it sends reminders for practices and games. You have the option of turning off your reminders and reducing your email, but that would only be recommended if you constantly look at the app to check the schedule.


Blocks of rooms will be made for tournaments that are 175 miles or more away. The details on the hotels, including price, location and amenities will usually be posted on TeamSnap about a month before the tournament. Every block will have a drop date in which the rooms and/or the rates will no longer be available. Once this date has passed or the rooms are gone, it will be your responsibility to find your own accommodations. For questions on Hotels please contact Michelle.


10-11 players is the goal for each team. Teams are selected based upon a number of factors with performance being the number 1 factor as well as the balance of positions and skills. Each team needs guards, forwards, and if possible players with different skill sets to make a cohesive team. Some players will be placed on rosters immediately and some players to ensure they have a fair chance we will have Team Skills Sunday for further evaluations. Also If you know that you do not wish to travel out of state please notify Coach Porter or Coach Bennett for placement on a regional team.

Team Parent

Each team will need a team parent. Duties of team parents will include helping to update teamsnap, making sure we have a rotation of which parents will work the scorers table, making sure we have a rotation for filming games, if waivers are needed for a tournament collecting and handing them in, organizing team events or meals on out of state trips. If you would like to be considered for a team parent contact Michelle


Each team is self funded so we are looking for sponsorship and donations to help pay for the season. Sometimes there are families who are less fortunate and need financial assistance and also as an organization we are looking for sponsorships to continue to grow and improve the experience for our families. We ask that each family reach out to a minimum of one business for potential sponsorship and to the families that can afford to we ask that you consider sponsoring a player in need. We are a 501 c3 tax exempt non-profit organization so we would be able to give you a letter of donation for your tax purposes.

Parent Skills

We are fully aware that parents come with a wide array of skills and trades that may be able to aid the program in its growth. If you are a parent who has any such skills that you may deem beneficial and you are willing to help in that capacity please contact Coach Porter. Skills that may help are tech skills, social media, marketing, fundraising, grant writing, small business partnerships. These are just some ideas but if you believe you have something that may benefit the program contact us.

Skills and Performance Training

Skill development is a big part of what we do. We will have set days for training but sometimes there are players who have a thirst for more. If you're a player who would like consistent training during the week please let us know as we would need groups of 5 or more kids to make renting the gym outside of set training times feasible.


Also starting next year in April, May and July we will be offering training at 5pm before 6pm practices and 9pm after practices for those players who want to maximize their potential and spend extra time on their game. More details on price and location will be coming soon. Upcoming training and camps will include Sunday Team skills sessions where we will work on offensive and defensive skill progressions in a team setting. In October we will have our 3rd Annual Grind Season and in November before the start of the season we will have our 4th annual Point Guard University Camp. Be on the lookout for flyers.

How to pay

Check (make checks payable to Community Hope) you can give them in person to Coach Porter Or Coach Bennett or mail them to 4154 N 69st Milwaukee, WI 53216
If you need to pay a different way please notify Coach Porter or Coach Bennett


Let's Work Together

“If all I’m remembered for is being a good basketball player, then I’ve done a bad job with the rest of my life.”
-Isiah Thomas
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