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Through a combination of Christian principles, team discipline, and fundamentals reinforcement, our paid coaches teach your child basketball IQ at the highest level.


Unlike other programs, we blend the city and suburban styles of basketball (from 9U to 17U) so your child can be masterful and comfortable to the speed and challenges of the modern game.


Our primary coaches are all paid and do not have kids in the program. This eliminates the bias that plagues other programs that rely exclusively on parent volunteers. Kids are evaluated impartially based on their skill set, attitude, and work ethic.



Our primary coaches played high school and college basketball at a high level. They can teach kids the very skills that made them great players, virtually ensuring that your child will be a better basketball player under their guidance.



Other programs emphasize scoring. While important, our approach to player development is a laser focus on the fundamentals of the game. Things like seeing the court in real-time, maintaining proper spacing for read and react, choosing the right angles on offense and defense, mastering ball control, and learning proper footwork maximize the mastery of basketball IQ.



Our program blends the city and suburban-style of basketball. This usually occurs in college and can be a major shock to players. We blend starting in fourth grade, so our players are very well adjusted to the speed of the blended game. Other programs are either one or the other. We are both, which is a major advantage in developing well-rounded players well adjusted to the modern game.

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Basketball is a game that reveals character. The discipline, mental toughness, and focus it takes to accomplish your goals on the court are the same characteristics you will need to be successful off the court.  
Development is our obsession at ABC; we are in love with the process of helping kids mentally, physically, and spiritually. We strive to lead their enthusiasm and positive dialogue to give families a worthwhile experience and raise the self-esteem and confidence of our players. 

At ABC, we see practice and training as a classroom, and we implement a curriculum that has been tested and proven. With each player being unique in what goals they have and what they need to improve upon, we not only have a plan for the group as a whole but also cultivate a plan for the individual to assure his personal growth.

ABC is a premier basketball program in Wisconsin; we offer services that cover all your basketball needs from skills training, performance training, camps, leagues, college recruiting assistance, elite-competitive and development teams for ages 9-17. We also have teams with flexibility for kids who play other sports. Our coaches are among the most experienced and respected in the area, and our environment is diverse, with a mixture of kids from suburban and city backgrounds. ABC gives all the glory to God, and thru our faith, love of people, and process, we believe anything is possible. 

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